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The Unbearable weight of things that are lost, mars gallery, february 2019


Atishoo, Atishoo,(Discordia), Melbourne Arts Centre, October 2017

Artist Unknown, MARS Gallery, June 2017


Behind Glass, The Front Window Project, May 2015

Outside In, Fehily Contemporary, May 2014

Baggage, Red Gallery, May 2011

If They Knock Don’t Answer, Platform, October 2009

Don’t Leave Home If You Don’t Have To, Red Gallery, May 2009

Trapdoors and Wallpaper, Faculty of Art installation space, RMIT, July 2007

One Night With...Mars Gallery with yal yal estate, November 2018


spring 1883, the hotel windsor, mars suite, august 2018


Staying power, mars gallery, may 2018


S.O.A.P Collective, Blindside, December 2016


The Beast Beside Us, Red Gallery, June 2015


Conspirators, Czech & Slovak Film Festival, Yarra Gallery, Federation Square 

August, 2014


Not Fair 2014, Grace Darling Hotel, August 2014


The Other, Trocadero Art Space, September 2012


Arcadia, Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Oct/Nov 2011


Dreamweavers, touring national show, April 2011- November 2013


Night’s Plutonian Shores/ Cerberus, Sophie Gannon Gallery, July 2010


Winter Highlights, Jenny Port Gallery, July 2010


Carbon Black Inaugural Show, Carbon Black, January 2010


Apocalypse Ahoy, Brunswick Bound, April 2009


Art Melbourne 2009, representing Blindside/Artist Run Initiatives, April 2009


International Women’s Day Art Show, Storey Hall, RMIT, March 2009


Sustainability Festival, Federation Square, February 2009    


Debut V,  Blindside, January/February 2009


Brunswick Bound Diorama Show, Dec/Jan 2008/9


Fresh! Craft Victoria, December 2008


Siemens Scholarship Show, RMIT Gallery, December 2008

Yering Station Sculpture Prize, November, 2012


Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, October, 2012


Finalist, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, October, 2010


Finalist, Off The Wall, Art Melbourne, April 2010


Third Drawer Down Development Award, December 2008


The Entrepreneur Motivator Series Award, September 2008


Shortlisted, Siemens Fine Art Scholarship, 2008

Wall street international magazine, aly aitken,  online, february 25th, 2019


Art Collector/Art News, Q&A with Aly Aitken,  04/07/2017


RMIT Radio, Talking Design, with Stephen Crafti, August 7, 2014


PBS FM, The State Of The Arts, May 6, 2014


ABC Television, Art Nation, September 18, 2011


Gregg, Simon. Dreamweaners catalogue, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, 2011


ABC Television. Art Nation, May 2, 2010


Holsworth, Mark. October @ Platform, Melbourne Art & Culture Critic, online, [October 17, 2009


Maller, Natalya.  Debut V, catalogue, January 2009


McGregor, Ken.  Aly Aitken, Off The Wall catalogue, April 2010,


Modra, Penny.  Debut V, The Age, M Preview/ Reviews, February 8, 2009

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